We get so many requests in the store for recipes that we've printed a handy little card that we give our customers. Here in the Virtual Market, we have more space, so we've added several extra favorites to the ones we hand out in the store. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

We'd also love it if you'd share your own recipes with us. In fact, if we get enough recipes, we'll put together an annual recipe contest here on the site. So keep sending in your favorites and keep checking our Web site for updates!
- Smoked Salmon Spread
- Megan's Salmon Puffs
- Smoked Salmon Chili Rolls
- Smoked Salmon Cherry Hazelnut Brunch Spread
- Crab Stuffed Mushrooms
- Our Favorite Appetizer
- Smoked Salmon Pasta Salad
- Oriental Smoked Tuna Pasta Salad
- Mackenzie's Pasta Salad
- Our Favorite Crab Salad
- Smoked Salmon Pizza
- Fred's Oysters Rockefeller Stew
- Southwestern Black Bean & Smoked Scallop Chowder
- Fancy Shrimp & Dungeness Crab Dinner Pie
- Smoked Salmon Pasta Sauce
- Smoked Salmon Wraps with Nectarine Salsa


Almost everyone loves a big salmon fillet with crackers, bread, cheese, capers or vegetables. But how many of us think of smoked salmon pasta salad, or smoked salmon cheesecake, or salmon a-la-king? It's amazing how versatile smoked salmon can be with a little creativity.

The fun comes in tasting a great dish, whether it's a classic recipe or an experiment with new tastes that work well together. The whole idea is to enjoy the best that smoked salmon and seafood have to offer, and to share it with your family and friends. In that spirit, we present these recipes for you to enjoy.

Serving Suggestions

For a quick snack, arrange your Totem Smokehouse smoked salmon, smoked trout, smoked oysters, smoked albacore tuna or smoked sea scallops on a serving platter. Garnish any of our ready-to-eat gourmet items with parsley, dill and lemon slices. Or serve with finely chopped onion, dill, capers and gourmet breads. It's that easy. Be sure to keep plenty on hand for snacks and easy gourmet entertaining.



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