Meet the fun folks at Totem.
If you're like us, you feel more comfortable doing business with people you know. That's why we've created this part of the site. Not only does it give you a chance to get to know us, it also provides some great conversation-starters for you when you come to visit us at our Pike Place Market Store.
Left to right: Jane, Fred, Rebecca, Mark.

The Crew

Jane Poole was born and raised in Idaho. She graduated from Idaho State University with a degree in Psychiatric-Social Work. After graduation, Jane worked in retail as a buyer and in sales and marketing. She received several awards for outstanding customer service.

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: What you've done are laurels. The future is hopes and dreams. I don't believe in resting on laurels, the best is yet to be.
CUSTOMER PHILOSOPHY: Treat a customer the way you would like to be treated.
DIVERSIONS: Rollerblading and Red Hook Beer
DESIRED PROFESSION IN MY NEXT LIFE: Own and operate an old estate-style winery from which I can also write a novel.
SECRETS OF SUCCESS: Integrity, dedication, hard work and listening well.
PLACE I'M MOST EAGER TO VISIT: I'll start with all 50 states -- then look out world.
HERO: Abe Lincoln.
MOST OFTEN SEEN WEARING: Anything comfortable, mostly jeans.
ON MY LIFETIME "TO DO" LIST: Write a great novel.
FAVORITE BOOK: A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.
INSPIRATION: Family, especially my parents.
FAVORITE SONG: "Music of the Night" from Phantom of the Opera.
WHEN I RETIRE, I WILL: Finally take up golf -- seriously.
BEST VACATION: Kapalua, Maui -- Hawaii
FAVORITE ROAD TRIP: In the fall to the Wenatchee River to watch the salmon run.
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Fred Poole was born and raised in the Washington, D.C. area. He graduated from the University of Montana with a business degree in finance and marketing. After graduation, Fred worked as a wholesale representative for a major building materials company in Montana, Idaho, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii. He advanced to become the marketing and sales manager for wood products. In 1986, Fred joined Mar-Vel Marble, Inc., a producer of custom cultured marble products, as president.

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Successful growth of companies I have owned.
CUSTOMER PHILOSOPHY: Listen and respond to meet customer needs, desires or requests.
DIVERSIONS: Golf, fishing, martial arts.
DESIRED PROFESSION IN MY NEXT LIFE: Successful professional golfer.
SECRETS OF SUCCESS: Returning phone calls and reacting promptly.
PLACE I'M MOST EAGER TO VISIT: The wilderness of Alaska.
HERO: Arnold Palmer.
ON MY LIFETIME "TO DO" LIST: Sponsor a charity golf tournament.
FAVORITE BOOK: The Godfather by Mario Puzo.
INSPIRATION: Disabled or handicapped individuals who have succeeded in business or athletics.
FAVORITE SONG: "Load Up/Stay" by Jackson Browne
WHEN I RETIRE, I WILL: Keep working at fun businesses.
BEST VACATION: Fly fishing in Wyoming.
FAVORITE FISHING HOLE: East fork of Madison River in Yellowstone Park, Wyoming.
FAVORITE ROAD TRIP: Glacier National Park, Montana.
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Rebecca Petre was born and raised in Winchester, Illinois and attended college in Iowa. After college, she owned and operated a children's clothing store and a private shopping service, in addition to raising two daughters, Ann and Alisa. Since moving to the Northwest in 1980, Rebecca has worked as administrative assistant to the chairman of an investment company.

CUSTOMER PHILOSOPHY: Our customers are our friends and biggest asset.
DIVERSIONS: Gardening, family, bridge, travel, sewing and cooking.
SECRETS OF SUCCESS: Hard work, dedication, attention to customers and quality.
PLACES I'M MOST EAGER TO VISIT: Europe (especially Switzerland) and Quebec (again).
HERO: I couldn't pick just one.
MOST OFTEN SEEN WEARING: Stuff from Eddie Bauer.
ON MY LIFETIME "TO DO" LIST: Spend a month in Europe.
FAVORITE BOOK: Gone with the Wind.
INSPIRATION: I get inspiration from my family -- especially my new granddaughter Julia Jane.
WHEN I RETIRE, I WILL: Why retire when you're having this much fun?
FAVORITE FISHING HOLE: Where else -- Totem Smokehouse!
FAVORITE ROAD TRIP: A historic tour of the East including colonial Williamsburg, Old Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.
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Mark Zenger was born in Salem, Oregon and grew up in the Northwest. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1977 with a degree in accounting, and received his CPA license in 1978. Mark has held a variety of accounting and finance positions with firms in the Seattle area. Mark is currently the President of First Western Investments.

CUSTOMER PHILOSOPHY: Because customers are our most important asset, we will do anything we can for them.
DIVERSIONS: Golf, reading, movies, travel, gardening and cooking.
SECRETS OF SUCCESS: There are no secrets, just hard work.
PLACES I'M MOST EAGER TO VISIT: Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Switzerland, and Scandinavia.
HERO: There are so many outstanding people it makes it difficult to pick just one.
MOST OFTEN SEEN WEARING: Whatever is comfortable.
ON MY LIFETIME "TO DO" LIST: To shoot par in golf.
FAVORITE BOOK: Most recently, The Rainmaker.
INSPIRATION: Family and friends.
FAVORITE SONG: When you like music, it's hard to pick a favorite (especially when you like different kinds of music that aren't comparable.)
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